Terms of Service

  1. DoltonsGOLD.co.uk offers are subject to your gold passing our testing procedure (to confirm carat content). Once your gold has passed the test we will immediately send your payment.
  2. If your gold doesn’t pass our test we will call you with a revised offer. If you are not happy with this offer we will return your gold via Royal Mail Special Delivery and there will be a £15 admin charge for admin & handling costs.
  3. We take considerable care to ensure our prices are accurate.  However we recognise that mistakes can occur and we reserve the right to correct these when they happen.
  4. Items may become tarnished where testing takes place. Such tarnishing is however superficial and can be polished out. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to scrape a very small sample of metal from the item. If this occurs, we will always do our best to ensure this is done on an area of the item that is not usually visible.
  5. We do not make offers on small gemstones.  If your items contain gemstones, we will make a calculated estimate to the weight and reduce the value of your offer accordingly.  We will not remove any stones until an offer has been accepted
  6. If, following testing, we determine an item is not a minimum of 9 carat gold, it will be returned to the customer using Royal Mail Recorded Delivery at a charge of £15, or we can dispose of the items for you.
  7. DoltonsGOLD.co.uk will not be held liable for any loss or damage to items whilst in transit to us. Please ensure your item is adequately insured.  We insure upto £1,000.  Anything additional to this, must be paid by the sender.
  8. We strongly recommend you send all items using Royal Mail Special Delivery. Please do not use Recorded Delivery as this shipping method does not offer sufficient insurance.
  9. Parcels of jewellery less than 10 grams and without any significant value will carry an admin fee of £15 for their return.
  10. Please ensure you package all items appropriately.
  11. For our mutual safety (and to facilitate any potential claim against the postal company), items requiring a signature on delivery will be inspected for damage or tampering to the envelope. If packaging has been damaged or tampered with we reserve the right to return to sender. If we are able to identify you as the sender (from the unique shipping label), we will contact you to advise of our actions.
  12. Following acceptance of our offer, goods may be sent away to the refiners and therefore your acceptance is legally binding and irreversible.